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the sensory room

Each experience has specific outcomes and can be modified to individual needs. Some of the experiences included in the three-room suite:

Sensory Unit

State of the art therapeutic and interactive multi-sensory environment presented by Australia’s only emergent Sensory Therapy experts. 

An Australian-first, our purpose built Sensory Unit provides services unlike traditional therapies. Sensory Therapy engages all your senses to help you communicate with others purposefully, take control of decisions and engage with those around you in a meaningful way. 


Opened in 2014, the unit caters for people with high and complex needs, supported by a trained sensory specialist. The Unit is available through booking sensory experience sessions; part of a Communication Development Program; or for more Proloquo2Go support. The Sensory Unit is an additional service No Boundaries provides, it is available to participants who attend our Day Service and for participants who would exclusively like to access our Sensory Unit. 

Magic Carpet

An interactive projection system.
The ‘carpet’ creates a moving effect across the floor in response to movement. There are hundreds of modifiable experiences available, from nature scenes to bubble features, stars trails and even football games. A firm favourite of those who use it!

Magic Mirror

Providing an immersive, full-body interaction experience! The ‘mirror’ enables the user to see their reflection and actively engage with a vast range of scenes and environments. We were the first organisation in Australia to utilise this amazing piece of technology!

Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze Devices

Enables choice, control and communication solely using your eyes. Supported skill development empowers users to transition from engaging with cause and effect applications through to transitioning to using the Tobii as a form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Invisible Keyboard

 A subtle movement of the head, finger, foot or another body part, and the keyboard plays. Achieved by a small sensor, the Invisible Keyboard allows individuals who may not have the skills to physically play a keyboard to independently and actively express themselves and create music.

Benefits of Sensory Experience:

The benefits of engagement within multi-sensory environments can include: 

  • Promote relaxation and calming– both physically and mentally 

  • Increase opportunity for choice and self-determination 

  • Additional stimulation 

  • Opportunities to focus and learn

  • Support coordination and motor skills

  • Positive environmental exploration

  • Exploration of cause and effect, choice and control

  • Enhance communication and self-expression

  • Satisfaction, fulfilment and fun!

Kayla was a participant in the No Boundaries Sensory Unit’s Communication Initiative. Prior to her participation, Kayla had no formal method of communication and relied strongly on facial expressions and vocalisations. 

As Kayla progressed through Sensory Unit sessions, Kayla continued to develop communication skills using switches to communicate, including guiding a conversation. From starting with two switches either side of her headrest (a red switch to represent no and a green switch to communicate yes), Kayla can now independently communicate her needs, wants and actively interact with her peers using more advanced switches and understanding of them.

Come see it for yourself. Book now to arrange a visit!

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